AEV Hemi Conversion


Need more power for that new Jeep Wrangler JK?

Trail Concepts offers the 5.7 VVT and 6.4 VVT Hemi Conversion installed and ready to go as if they were installed on Jeeps very own assembly line. Trail Concepts uses the highest quality Hemi Conversion kit built by American Expedition Vehicles or AEV for short. Aev offers the most factory plug and play kit available for the 5.7VVT and 6.4VVT. Trail Concepts is the premiere AEV Hemi installer in Arizona and the southwest.  Trail Concepts AEV Hemi conversions come with a 3/36 Limited Warranty.



2012-current 5.7VVT auto $22,990

2012-current 6.4VVT auto $30,990

2007-2011 5.7VVT auto $Call for Pricing

2007-2011 6.4VVT auto $Call for Pricing


Limited Warranty


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*Price does not include base vehicle

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